ERC-7160 is a new standard that extends ERC-721
enabling multi-metadata NFTs.

7160 empowers artists with a whole new set of features such as evolving tokens, revisions, collaborative collections, aspect-ratio variants and more, all in a single token.

The possibilities are endless and artists have already developed incredible concepts with it!

Thanks to the pinning functionality, creators or collectors can pin a version of the metadata of their choice.

ERC-7160 gracefully falls back to standard ERC-721, displaying the pinned URL and making collections compatible with existing platforms and marketplaces. In the future platforms might offer richer displaying options.

ERC-7160 is a young standard and available as a specification on the eip.org website.

0xG, the co-creator of the standard, can offer support by mean of collaborations to artists and marketplaces who want to implement the standard.