ERC-7160 opens the doors to new interesting types of art project concepts but it requires some infrastructure adaptation.

Generally the multi-metadata nature of tokens would involve transitioning from a 1-to-1 data model (1 token : 1 metadata URI) to a one-to-many.

Since such a change could require considerable efforts and the standard is young, in this page we suggest a potential path to integration that doesn't require considerable infrastructure work.

ERC-7160 builds on top of the ERC-721 standard and is backwards compatible. Platforms that don't support 7160 will display tokens as standard 721 via `tokenURI`.

Because of this, platforms can add experimental support for 7160 by adopting a progressive enhancement strategy like the one described below.

When indexing a contract, a platform can record it as 7160 but display tokens as 721 to users that are logged out.

However for logged in users who have connected with their wallet platforms can upgrade to multi-metadata on the client by fetching the metadata via wallet RPC (perhaps proxied) and caching the results.

Logged out users would get a prompt or information banner that invites them to “connect to view all the media”.

Such a client-side progressive enhancement approach likely requires just a few days of work, making ERC-7160 a low risk bet and easier to integrate as an experimental feature.

Read the EIP

If you have questions about ERC-7160 or want to learn more, feel free to reach out on X.